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RED Denver Steak - $19/lb

RED Denver Steak - $19/lb

Introducing our Red Label line, comprised completely of cuts that may not grade as high, but are treated to the same feeding and processing regimen as the rest of our beef, including our signature 21-Day Dry Age. In order to ensure that you still the same experience upon cooking, we cut some of the steaks thinner, resulting in a continually tender product, that also happens to cook up in half the time!


Looking for a smaller cut of beef, that rivals some of the most popular cuts? Let us introduce you to the Denver Steak, the underrated hero of your dinner plans. 


Also known as the Underblade, it is located in the chuck primal, under the shoulder blade, and is one of the most tender cuts that you've never heard of. Cut at 3/4" thick, with high marbling, it cooks up quick and easy every time. Simply season with a little oil, salt and pepper and sear on each side for the perfect medium rare bite.




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