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RED  New York Strip Steak - $21.00/lb

RED New York Strip Steak - $21.00/lb

Here at Vera Earl Premium Beef, we pride ourselves on providing high quality meat, but sometimes, an animal doesn’t grade as high as we’d like. It’s not that they were raised differently or missed out on some grain, it simply comes down to genetics, and a little luck. Meat grades take several different factors into account, including marbling and carcass maturity. While all of our beef will fall into the same maturation category, it is the marbling that truly sets them apart. That said, what do we do when a carcass doesn’t have the marbling that we consider synonymous with VE Premium Beef? 


Introducing our Red Label line, comprised completely of cuts that may not grade as high, but are treated to the same feeding and processing regimen as the rest of our beef, including our signature 21-Day Dry Age. In order to ensure that you still enjoy the same experience upon cooking, we cut some of the steaks thinner, resulting in a continually tender product, that also happens to cook up in half the time!




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